Upset Situations and UPRT demonstrations in your mobile or tablet

Aero safety First is a video application featuring video demonstrations with subtitles.
You will get mentally immersed in the various scenarios involved, just like you would do in a simulator session when you rehearse your skills. You will be able to grasp the maneuvers like being in he cockpit with all the visual cues and motion inputs, with the extended benefit of replaying the scenarios as many times as you feel...

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2 hours of demonstrations to watch with the aim of making you a safer and more prepared pilot, and this will show when you will have to demonstrate your skills in flight or in a sim session, as you will have acquired the knowledge and understanding appropriate for the tasks.

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The whole series includes

Chapter One : Free videos you give you a sample and idea of what to expect.
Chapter Two: Unusual attitudes Upward and Downward
Chapter Three: Different Stalls and Spins
Chapter Four: Different situations of simulated engine failure ans Simulated forced landing
Chapter Five: Some Bascics of flying

Each demonstration follows the same configuration i.e

Overall Manoeuvre with 3 views (Ground, wing and Head) in real time
Post Synchronised Demonstration in Slow motion with 3 POV (Ground, Controls and Head)
Overall figure in real time again,for quick assimilation after having grasped the technique in slow motion.

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